Avatar Recap


Firelord Ozai burns his way though the earth kingdom with the extra power he gets form Sozin’s comet. Aang awaits Ozai’s arrival and – when in sight – burns down the firelords ship. Aang is not impressed with the show of force from the firelord and quickly ends the fight by throwing a rock in his face.

We realized this project with a team of four people. That may seem a bit much for 10 seconds of animation, but is almost necessary in 3D. There are a lot of different tasks to be done, like; design, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, cinematography, lighting, rendering and post-production. All activities that require a different expertise. The short version of how we did it is: Brent designed everything so Maarten and Tessa could realize it in 3D space. After Tessa added the fire FX’s the scene could be animated and lit by Dirk.

It was quite nice to be asked for this project by Cas. We also spent our childhoods watching the Last Airbender on TV and more recently seen the recaps Cas created. And we may be 3D folks, but we very much enjoyed seeing the various interpretations of the Avatar series by all the 2D artists.


Dirk Lemmers
Brent van den Hove
Tessa Moonen
Maarten Howeling

General Credits

Directed by: Cas van de Pol
Sound design by: Niels van der Voet, Robert Jung
Music by: Robert Jung