ik ben een muis


This is somewhat of a special project. It’s not animation, but it is super fun anyways. We got to make a puppet and make a video with it. We found this song by Lucky Fonz III, wrote a little story and started filming. The whole project (puppet making included) was done in a week. And best of all: I got to play the puppet.


Rosa van der Heide
Maarten Houweling
Brent van den Hove
Luna Houtzager

Bas van der Ham
Tara van Rooij
Jeroen Maat
Ajuna Braunschweiger
Esmée Bruins
Anna Koppen
Maikel van Weert
Daan Alberts
Rossel Chaslie
Anne Dronkers

Special Thanks
Café Het Gegeven Paart
Joep de Laat
Bus driver of bus line 27

Lucky Fonz III – ‘Ik ben een Muis’